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Pride Center of Vermont’s Family Program Seeks Diversity Filled Children’s Books

A Different Fairy Tale Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived in a majestic castle, in a faraway magical land. This ridiculously perfect place was also the home of a very handsome prince. They met, fell in love, and lived happily—insert sound effect of something coming to a screeching halt. Fairy tales do not always […]

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Not Broken

We’ve all been there. The moment your child does something that is the last straw and the flood gate of yelling opens. You are so mad you just yell. If you were to step outside your body and watch yourself you’d stop. Inside your yelling body as you face down the offender you can’t and […]

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guide parenting

A Simple Guide to Proper Parenting

As every parent has said at one point or another, there should be a handbook on how to properly raise children. And maybe a licensing exam. But we all know that once our precious littles arrive into our waiting arms, we are sent off into the big world with nary a second glance, solely and frantically responsible for this wriggling, […]

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summer baby must haves, safe summer baby, infant hot heat weather safety

Summer Essentials for Baby

Vermonters love the winter, for sure, but there’s nothing like a gorgeous warm summer after the long months of dark and cold. I love being outside with my baby daughter no matter the weather, but I want to make sure we can enjoy the outdoors safely. During winter, that meant keeping her cozy and safe […]

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Motivation quote by Ryun

Motivation: How I Trick Myself into Exercising

In my last post, I spoke about my experience exercising while fat. I was delighted by the kind and supportive messages, questions, and comments I received. I noticed one question in particular came up frequently: how do you find the motivation to exercise? I confess, it is not always easy for me to race off […]

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Mom Child Colored Pencils

Young Mom, I love you.

I was a young mom. My first child was born a few days after my 22nd birthday.  Four months after completing my time in the military and moving back to my home-state of Vermont, I began my journey as a full-time student at UVM with an infant daughter in daycare. It was not the most ideal of […]

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Weekend Wednesdays final

Weekend Wednesdays: May 22nd to May 25th

It’s Memorial Day and Vermont City Marathon Weekend. Here are some of our favorite family friendly events… Saturday, May 23, 2014 Vermont City Marathon & Relay YAM Scram RunVermont will host the 15th Annual Youth Running Festival during marathon weekend. All participants must be 4 to 14 years old by May 23, 2015. Come join […]

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