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mommy brain

Mommy Brain: Does It Ever Go Away?

One of the first things I was warned of when I got pregnant was Mommy Brain.   Well, I guess I was really warned about Pregnancy Brain which then turns into Mommy Brain.  It seemed to make sense.  When you have a newborn, you are sleep deprived and focusing on pure survival.  Your brain can’t […]

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One of our first times babywearing

Becoming a Babywearer: My Journey into the World of Babywearing

When I got pregnant I didn’t even really know the terms “babywearer” or “babywearing.”  I did however know most of my friends had registered for a Moby and Bjorn so it just seemed like what you do.  I didn’t really know the world of babywearing beyond these two carriers and maybe a hiking carrier.  So […]

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