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Dear Granny Panties: You’re Fired

Dear Granny Panties, It’s not you, it’s me. Since the birth of my eldest, you’ve been by my side. You’ve held your elasticity, you are as bright and colorful as ever. You always rise to the occasion of being pulled over my mid-section. You’re comfortable, Hanes High Rise Cotton Briefs, you really are. But it’s […]

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Note to Self: Mommy Edition

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty well-prepared person. As are most moms I know. My diaper bag has the essentials, along with enough snacks to survive a post-apocalypse, and toys to distract small children should we get stuck anywhere (Dr’s office) for more than a few seconds minutes. I like to plan ahead […]

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Dinner Recipes for the Picky & Risky

9 Dinner Recipes for Picky AND Adventurous Kids

{Disclaimer:: We have partnered together with Healthy Living Market and Cafe to bring you some of these dinner recipe ideas!} To quote every mom at some point during her kids’ formative years: I’m not a short order cook. If I’m not standing at the side of the dinner table with a notepad and a pencil, […]

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Weekend Wednesdays Now

Weekend Wednesdays: August 28th to August 30th

Summer’s over, School’s in, but there is still fun to be had. Here are some of our favorite family friendly activities taking place… Friday, October 28, 2015 Halloween at Centennial Field with Champ! Kids it is time to celebrate Halloween early and come dressed up to the ballpark! It is Halloween at the ballpark, and […]

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Moms Night Out at Burlington Paint and Sip {Tickets on Sale Now!}

Our first round of Moms Night Outs at Burlington Paint and Sip were such a hit, we decided to do them again! They provide the perfect recipe for an amazing moms night out; beer+wine+painting+music+other mommas=one fun night out! And we will throw in some delicious desserts as well! A question we get asked a lot is, “Do […]

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