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cooking liver for pate

Pate for My Tired Pregnant Butt

This pregnancy has been nothing like my first pregnancy. The first time around I was nauseous for most of the first trimester. Not the awful stuff, but the run-of-the-mill “give me all the ginger ale” stuff. My husband was sympathetic, but I didn’t see the wave of recognition until I likened it to the sea […]

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Talking to Myself

The other morning, I woke up early. That really annoying early… 45 minutes before the alarm goes off. You’re really not ready to make a go of things, especially on a cold winter morning, but by the time you get back to sleep, you’re just going to have to get up. So I lay in […]

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I’m A Perfect Mom

I’m a perfect mom. PHEW! That felt great to say! Before you stop reading, at least let me clarify. I like sparkling floors, books arranged by height, clothes in color and sleeve length sequence, and objects all in their own “place.” I like checking boxes off a list, pretty calendars, and perfectly laid plans.  I […]

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pulse recap2

PULSE Cycling Event Recap!

We had a blast working our butts off with PULSE Cycling two weeks ago! PULSE Cycling, in Williston, graciously opened their doors and hosted us for two special moms-only cycling sessions! Pulse Cycling, greater-Burlington’s newest cycling studio, offers classes that are inspirational, motivational and fun in a clean space on modern well-cared for bikes. All abilities ride […]

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The Music of My Children

Yesterday, sitting in my warm car with my youngest child, I was truly shocked. Shocked by the fact of only one child in my car. Shocked by the fact that there were not two others in the backseat. Or, even, all three of them in the backseat, with the front seat empty. Which is how […]

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Pumpkin Bread

Maple Pumpkin Bread with Cousins

This year everyone came to our house for Christmas. I love hosting and hate driving in the snow, so this was perfect. “Everyone” included two cousins to my toddler and I thought that I would create a fun cooking project for the three of them. My toddler loves to dump and mix, the 10 year […]

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On Turning 40

I love birthdays and not just mine. I love all birthdays. It’s that one day made just for you. I love baking cakes illuminated with a copious amount of candles for friends and family. I love blowing out my own candles and making some youthful wish, like a 9-year-old, and believing it will come true. […]

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Poe Wovens: My Road to Babywearing Continued

{Disclaimer: We have partnered with Poe Wovens to bring you the following post. However, all opinions are our own!} In November 2014 I wrote a post about my journey thus far in babywearing, highlighting my new found love for soft-structured carriers and ring slings. I ended the post with admitting that I hadn’t yet tried […]

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valentines day

Valentine’s Day Photo Contest

We have had so much fun with our annual Halloween photo contests that we couldn’t wait until October to do it again! And so begins our First Valentine’s Day Photo Contest! The contest will be run on our Facebook page in the same way as our Halloween Photo Contests. Read the rules and instructions below! […]

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