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Vermont Childhood Milestones

Vermont Childhood Milestones – Keep Track of those Brave Little Moments

In the Green Mountain State, we measure parenthood in Vermont childhood milestones. When you have a baby, some well-intentioned friend or relation will likely give you a lovely embossed journal to keep track of “precious firsts”. Also, you might download an app for your phone that takes month-by-month progress pictures formatted to fit your Instagram […]

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Mom Olympics

Want to Compete in the Mom Olympics?

This summer, I am training for the Mom Olympics. Finally, a sporting event I have a shot at winning, am I right? The world seems hell bent on making mothers compete against each other like rabid cats scrapping over leftover tuna. I agree with Erica that we should come up with a fun way to codify it […]

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Hate You: A Love Story

My daughter hates me, and I couldn’t be prouder. Let me back up a step – my five-year-old kiddo is not hate deranged, and there is nothing amiss in our family dynamic. I am simply celebrating the fact my child is able to understand and name her emotions. I am positively grinning, knowing that she […]

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Never Would I Ever

Never Would I Ever

I will never do that when I have kids. It’s a popular cliché, the idea that in the rosy pre-child-invasion phase of life we make long and super-judgmental lists of how we will raise our OWN kids perfectly. There is persistent belief that people who are not responsible for raising small humans cannot possibly understand […]

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