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greek chicken pitas, recipe, dinner

Recipe: Greek Chicken Pitas

I don’t know about you, but in the Summer I am one of those “if we aren’t grilling we aren’t eating” people. I don’t want to heat up the kitchen and I certainly don’t want to come home from the beach early so I can spend an hour cooking dinner. This recipe is easy and […]

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winter, cozy, warm

7 Tips to Staying Cozy During the Winter

I was born in Wisconsin, raised in Indiana, married in New York, and now settled with a family in Vermont. I’ve learned a thing or two about surviving winter while living in these various cold weather states, but nowhere has taught me more than Vermont! Here are a few tips for staying cozy during these […]

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christmas, tradition

The Accidental Christmas Tradition

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I deck the house out in decorations and watch every Christmas movie ever made. My Mom has always made Christmas a big deal so we have many traditions that we do not skip. Ever! Once I got married and had kids I continued those childhood traditions and we […]

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head lice, natural remedies

How To Prevent Head Lice Naturally

It came. The dreaded email that makes parents across the country itch at the mere sight of the subject line: Someone in your child’s classroom has lice. It wasn’t until I found this very simple way to prevent head lice naturally that I gave up plans of head shaving, homeschooling, and fleeing the country. I may […]

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homemade french toast breakfast

Recipe: Homemade French Toast

There’s nothing my kids love more than a big breakfast. Ok, I don’t hate it either! One of our “big breakfast” faves is French Toast (with a side of eggs, bacon, and oj – naturally). I’ve always just made it playing it by ear. You know – dip some bread in an egg/milk mixture and slap […]

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Healthy Living Store Tour with Whole Health Nutrition

Moms with picky eaters face meal time challenges every day. Moms with picky eaters who also have food allergies  are thrown a real curve ball.  We recently joined Victoria Bruner, Healthy Living nutritionist from Whole Health Nutrition, for a learn-by-tasting tour designed to make feeding any kid a positive experience.  The tasting tours were an opportunity to try […]

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Finding Rest

A couple of weeks ago I heard an inspiring sermon at church about rest. My first thought was, “What is this rest thing you speak of?”  It’s not often as a mom that rest is a part of your everyday life. Most days I find myself running around like a chicken with my head cut […]

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