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Spirituality and Parenting

When it comes to spirituality, I consider myself a “Jill of all Trades.” I was raised Methodist, am the daughter of a Catholic Deacon, was surrounded by friends who were Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, and Muslim, and grew up in a haunted house. My parents gave me the freedom to explore spirituality any way I […]

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non-profit highlightclif

Non-Profit Spotlight: CLiF, Spreading the Joy of Dr. Seuss

{The BVTMB team is thrilled to do a regular series on local non-profit organizations in our community. We will highlight a different non-profit with the hopes to educate and support all of the fabulous things they do. We encourage you to read, comment, and share what non-profit organizations are close to your hearts and families.} […]

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photo taken by North Photography LLC

The First Hour after Birth: A Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages

The First Hour after Birth: A Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages So much effort is devoted to preparing for labor and birth throughout pregnancy, but what happens after the baby is born?! One minute, your baby was in your womb, and the next, you deliver him/her Earth-side. I sure felt like it was a shock. Did you […]

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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

I feel like ever since I got breasts, it’s been drilled into my head that I have a family history of breast cancer. As I age, it’s like my doom’s day is impending. What if I get breast cancer? Me. My mom was diagnosed at age 36. It was one of those things where she […]

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