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Make your own Kombucha

Kombucha is the nectar of the gods, or, at the very least, the gods’ favorite fermented tea flavored with fruit. It’s delicious. Can you believe me? You can. I might be a weird mix of contradictions. Freshly manicured nails bring me joy, and so do my reusable pads. I’m not quite ready for family cloth, but I […]

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Free Holiday Gift Ideas

Free Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s November! I don’t know about you, but November is the month I start to think about holiday gift shopping. I prefer to get all of my holiday shopping completed in November so that I can spend December focusing on my holiday spirit and Christmas traditions. The other day I was thinking about simple gifts […]

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star wars, princess leia buns, diy costumes

Making Princess Leia Buns for your Halloween Costume: A DIY lesson in playing with your food.

As a youngster I wanted to be Princess Leia from Star Wars. I loved all of her outfits from the white flowy gown to the nipple chafing metal-like bikini she wore in Jabba’s palace. My teenage acne sprinkled face coveted her porcelain flawless skin and her red lips. And those buns! Her amazing brown hair […]

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DIY Toy Trash Bags

DIY Toy Trash Bags

My son is fascinated, dare I say obsessed, with trucks. It’s been this way as long as I can remember. Fire trucks, dump trucks, and bucket loaders all elicit an excited squeal from the backseat. Recently, my son’s affinity for garbage trucks has really taken over. He gets a thrill on trash day seeing everyone […]

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Paint Party 13

Paint Birthday Party

Pinterest has made kids birthdays a competitive event and I have to admit I’ve fallen into the trap. For the past three years, I’ve spent hours planning, crafting and implementing a perfect party for my daughter.  I’ve made my daughter’s birthday into something. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not and I’ve […]

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Newbie Tips on Starting a Family Garden

Whatever the opposite of a ‘green thumb’ is, that is what I am. Plants enter through my front door at their own risk and hope to an almighty power that my husband will intervene. Or my first grade daughter, for that matter, who seems to have a natural knack for keeping things alive. So last spring when she expressed interest […]

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making beautiful art with kids

Top 20 Ways to Collaborate With Your Child to Make Beautiful Art

My 3-year-old is now making some pretty wonderful artwork. She is clever, creative, and loves splashing paint and making scribbles! She’s also starting to draw “potato” people and wobbly sunshiney scenes. Despite what the Internet says about over-praising my child, I cheer for every little line she makes. But my favorite pieces are the ones […]

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