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School Lunch Mega Guide

School lunch. Those two words are enough to make some parents shudder. I was among the gaggles of parents who dreaded the chore with a passion. But when our house went from one packed lunch to three, my husband and I knew our begrudging attitudes were not going to cut it.  After a little creativity, more patience and a whole lot of practice, my […]

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Homeschooling means you can complete (or take part) in a wide range of projects!

Homeschooling Hacks:: Homeschooling in Vermont

Have you ever considered homeschooling? When it was time to send my oldest to kindergarten I was considering homeschooling but all the information and rules seemed completely overwhelming.  What I learned over time was that there is a great homeschooling community out there that will help you out while you try to figure out curriculum, […]

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