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This Mom of Boys Is Outraged

I don’t know how to react to the recent news involving Brock Turner and his “20 minutes of action” other than to be outraged. I am outraged at Turner for not only sexually attacking an unconscious human being, but also for not taking responsibility for his actions.  I am outraged by the letter his father […]

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kids going to kindergarten

Kindergarten is here…and we are learning to let go one day at a time.

Someone once told me that from the moment your child is born, from the euphoria, joy, unconditional love,  tireless devotion and selfless commitment, you begin letting them go. As I sit here a week into my daughters first kindergarten experience, I am beginning to understand exactly what that means. I ask myself, have I prepared […]

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Ice Cream by Chris JL (CC by 2.0)

How to Love and Support a Single Mom

If anyone thinks that parenting is a walk in the park, then perhaps you should go and pour me a glass of whatever you’re drinking. Make it a double, please. I think most of us can agree that parenting is hard. It’s an endurance event that never ends, where the participants willfully ignore the rules, […]

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Tween Tote

Making a “Tween Tote”: A Tangible Step in Easing the Transition to Middle School

August is here. The time to sort through clothes to figure out what fits and what doesn’t (not to mention what’s fashionable or “so last year”) and to make the annual back to school shopping trip for all your kids’ clothing and school supply needs. Call me crazy, but even though I despise shopping, I […]

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