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This was the picture I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago. In it, you can see my kiddos playing in the sun of the 50 degree January day (seriously) on their new-to-them skateboards. Just after this photo was taken, the girls were joined by our neighbor, and the three kids spent an hour shrieking […]

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girl, theater

The Nutcracker Dilemma: Dare to Let Them Dream

“Are you, like, so excited to put your daughters in ballet class?” It’s a question I hear more often than I ever expected. If you are reading this and know me, you likely asked me this yourself. I probably smiled, nodded with secret understanding, and gave a vague response, like “We’ll see” or “Maybe next year.” Well, I lied. […]

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Poe Wovens: My Road to Babywearing Continued

{Disclaimer: We have partnered with Poe Wovens to bring you the following post. However, all opinions are our own!} In November 2014 I wrote a post about my journey thus far in babywearing, highlighting my new found love for soft-structured carriers and ring slings. I ended the post with admitting that I hadn’t yet tried […]

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Happy & you know it

To My Kids: If You’re Happy And You Know It, Be Grateful

I stand in the kitchen washing breakfast dishes, listening to the sounds of a household getting organized. My husband packs helmets and goggles into ski bags. My 10-year-old wraps up his morning video game session. And upstairs my 8-year-old is playing the blues, lamenting the poor fortune that befalls her on this snowy winter morning. I mean that quite literally. […]

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