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Homemade pasta

Homemade Pasta

Homemade pasta doesn’t usually rank high on a working mom’s to do list. But it’s worth it. Well, on the weekend anyway. If you feel comfortable making a pie crust, this is similar but easier. If you don’t feel comfortable making a pie crust, just focus on the easier part. And it’s very forgiving to […]

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Pumpkin Bread

Maple Pumpkin Bread with Cousins

This year everyone came to our house for Christmas. I love hosting and hate driving in the snow, so this was perfect. “Everyone” included two cousins to my toddler and I thought that I would create a fun cooking project for the three of them. My toddler loves to dump and mix, the 10 year […]

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Mex beans 1

Mexican Slow Cooker Beans

I didn’t trust the slow cooker. Add ingredients and walk away? Wha? No hovering, no regular stirring? But what if it burned?What if it turned off? What if all the liquid evaporated, burned the dish, overheated the element, burst into flames, caught the curtains on fire, burned down the house and all the neighbor’s houses? […]

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Make your own Kombucha

Kombucha is the nectar of the gods, or, at the very least, the gods’ favorite fermented tea flavored with fruit. It’s delicious. Can you believe me? You can. I might be a weird mix of contradictions. Freshly manicured nails bring me joy, and so do my reusable pads. I’m not quite ready for family cloth, but I […]

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Banana Cookies – A Toddler Treat

These cookies are my toddler’s FAVORITE. I own a bakery and she will choose these cookies over my bakery cookies any day. In fact, she will only take a bakery cookie after she has first confirmed that no banana cookies are available. When I was on the GD diet while pregnant, I made these cookies […]

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