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entertaining kids while flying

Travel Toys: How to Entertain Young Kids While Flying Across the Country

I recently had the pleasure of flying across the country with my 4.5-year-old son, M.J., and my 14-month-old daughter, C. I wasn’t at all worried about the big kid. The 4-year-old was happy as a clam to have extra iPad time. Audio books, Legos and his excitement and delight over his first time flying made […]

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Six Tips for Visiting a National Park with Your Kids

  Question: What could be more relaxing than visiting a National Park while camping with your kids? Answer: Anything. Anything would be more relaxing than visiting a National Park with your kids AND the more than 305 million other people also visiting national parks. Just look around your house right now. You probably have beds […]

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Washington, DC – A Family Trip Report

Our family trip to Washington, DC was everything I had hoped it would be. Since I spent so much time planning and obsessing about this trip, I wanted to write a follow-up trip report in hopes it might offer some tips if you are planning a visit. First of all, I must say that all […]

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Washington, DC! A Family Trip!

I have been thinking about going to Washington, DC for almost 6 years! Ever since my daughter came home in 2010, I have dreamed about taking her to see the Obama White House. I obsessed about it! Having my black daughter visit the White House while a beautiful black family occupied it meant everything to me! […]

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Not Pictured

This was the picture I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago. In it, you can see my kiddos playing in the sun of the 50 degree January day (seriously) on their new-to-them skateboards. Just after this photo was taken, the girls were joined by our neighbor, and the three kids spent an hour shrieking […]

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Preparing your Vehicle (and yourself!) for Winter with Burlington Hyundai

Winter is Coming! {Disclaimer: We have partnered together with our sponsors, Burlington Hyundai, to bring you this information about vehicle winter safety!} It’s that time of year again! If you’ve driven on I-89 lately, you’ve seen the huge signs broadcasting the line “WINTER IS COMING” in a bright, lit-up, all-caps display; a steady reminder that it’s […]

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