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5 Things You Must Do When Visiting Burlington

Hi! My name is Tessa, I grew up in Shelburne and now reside in Virginia Beach. My family and I look forward to our semi-annual vacation in Burlington, especially during the summertime. Now that I have two small boys {3 years and 21 months old}, the majority of our activities are kid friendly. And sometimes […]

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ABC's Summer

ABC’s of Burlington Area Activities: 85+ local outings to make your summer fun!

School is out and summer has begun!! Which means it’s only a matter of time until you hear those words that can drive any momma crazy – “I’m bored.” We are here to rescue you from those dreadful words with our ABC’s of Summer! We’ve done the research and we’re taking you straight through the alphabet with […]

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adventuring slide

Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Adventuring with Kids!

It seems pretty daunting to bring young children out hiking or camping, what with all the dirty dirty faces, eating hot dogs for days, fire pits, not to mention the bugs… And WHERE do you go that is suitably beautiful but NOT Everest for Kids (aka Camel’s Hump)? Thankfully I’ve done the dirty work for […]

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8 Kid-friendly Trips from Burlington!

I love breaking up our typical routine and going to explore some place new as a family. Whether it’s just a quick day trip to a fun destination or a planned out vacation that spans several days, there are so many wonderful places around VT where family memories can be made! Below I’ve listed 8 […]

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When Daddy Travels…

My husband travels for work…and school…a lot.  When we moved here from Seattle over two years ago my husband’s company told him they didn’t care where he lived just so long as he continued to work for them.  We were completely blessed by that!  It also took the pressure off of finding a new job […]

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Topnotch Resort and Spa: Rest and Relaxation for the Weary Momma

It’s been a busy summer for the Sutphen household. Between adding a baby to the family, living in the newborn haze, and a jam packed schedule at my husband’s work, we have had little time to just “be” together. So when Topnotch Resort and Spa offered for my husband and I to come check out […]

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