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When The World Hates You.

If The World Hates You

“I am signing off from Facebook for a while, starting this evening, please PM me for my email/cell before 9pm this evening if interested in getting a hold of me. Also, I’m planning to hide and delete all political posts that show up in my timeline whenever I decide to plug back in. I’m on […]

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Half Mom

He looked up at me with moon eyes, deep cerulean pools. “Mommy, do I ask too many questions?” Worry was stitched in the little place between his eyebrows. “Of course not. Why do you ask?” I said. “Sometimes I just feel like I do. Like I’m bothering you.” The tone of his voice, which had […]

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Why I Over-Share

If you follow me on social media, you have witnessed my deepest, darkest problem.  I like to over-share. It’s true. I tell all. Even if you don’t want to hear it? I tell it. I was thinking about this recently when my Uncle replied to a Facebook post about my son’s dire need to poop […]

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