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baby baker

Business & Family

Before there was Maia, before there was my husband, there was my bakery. I started Butterfly Bakery of Vermont only a year and a half out of college. You could say that I’ve always been on an entrepreneurial track. My childhood friends and I regularly set up business on the footpath that ran through our […]

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Is she faking it?

Sleep and Lies

I’ll start with a confession: when my daughter was a baby, I faked it. Every night, often multiple times, I faked it and my husband never suspected a thing. No, I wasn’t faking that. Every night? Multiple times a night? With a baby in the house? Ha! No, I faked being asleep. The truth is, […]

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Monday Morning Photo

Monday Morning

This past Monday morning, my 4 year old spent the 15 minutes between when my husband went to work and when we should have gotten on the school bus screaming that “he wants Daddy.” Not only was he screaming, he was also crying. Like big ole’ crocodile tears crying. Crying like you would expect a […]

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The Do Everything Parent

For the longest time I was a stay-at-home mother and I loved it! I loved everything about it. The arts and crafts I created with my kids, the day trips anywhere we wanted, and the snuggles, oh the snuggles. After twelve years home, and four kids, I have returned to working full-time (plus a part-time […]

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