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10 Horrible Things I’ve Done as a Parent

OK (huge scared sigh issued) here goes people…

10 horrible things I’ve done as a parent, judge away.


1. Watched as BOTH of my children have, at separate times fallen off a bed.

2. Turned the corner in the kitchen to see my son nearly choking to death on a milk bottle cap I missed when grabbing the recycling.

3. Hit my children’s heads into car doors, walls, refrigerators, tables and anything else you can think of while trying to move or pick them up.

4. Lost my patience and yelled at my children.

5. Bribed my son multiple times with candy, cookies, whatever would make him try something new on his plate or pee into the toilet.

6. Sworn in front of my children.

7. Zoned out and actually watched my daughter stick my son’s mud laden boot directly into her mouth.

8. Eaten Halloween candy out of my son’s bucket when he was asleep and also his potty prize chocolate.

9. Told my son “no” and then realized at the end of the day that I had told him we would do the thing I said no to that morning.

10. Shut myself in the bathroom just so that I wouldn’t COMPLETELY lose my patience.

So there you have it reader, there’s my list.

I am not proud of any of the things on this list, but I want every reader to know that we as parents are going to do things we aren’t proud of.

It doesn’t make you a failure as a parent, it makes you human. It makes you a human trying to do a job without a time card or vacations. A job that keeps you awake at night, in physical discomfort sometimes and mentally bankrupt at times. We all struggle we all make bad calls, but just try to keep in mind all of the good calls and, as I hope this list reminds you, you are never alone.

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One Response to 10 Horrible Things I’ve Done as a Parent

  1. Kat December 21, 2015 at 12:03 pm #

    Way to keep it real, Meredith. This is why I love this blog.

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