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Life Lessons from my Dog

Life Lessons 1


BocLife Lessons 2ephus was my first baby.

I remember the day we got him.  This ten-pound pile of puppy who was slightly frightened and timid in his new surroundings.  He immediately melted my heart and he’s been my baby ever since.  It’s strange how sometimes you can immediately love and care for something or someone.

Life with a dog can be amazing.  He has added some great adventures to our life and I think it’s because of him that I’ve learned to love the outdoors more.  I love seeing the pure enjoyment he gets when playing outside or on a walk.  When I was on maternity leave we had some beautiful fall weather and so everyday I would put Elle in the Ergo and we would go for a walk on the trail behind my house.  Getting out of the house every now and then was critical and walking out my back door was so much easier than trying to pack us up and go to the mall or something.  I also think getting fresh air and some exercise were important for my psyche.  Those walks saved my sanity some days.

Life Lessons 3

So far, in his 3 1/2 years of life, he has already taught us some very valuable lessons about life.

Size doesn’t matter.  Especially when it comes to laps, Bo does not discriminate.  If you have a lap, he will snuggle in.

Life Lessons 4

Protect your family.  Bo loves our neighbor’s dog but one day while I was holding Elle she tried to jump on me.  I’ve never seen Bo react so quickly to stop her from jumping on his baby.  He immediately started playing with the dog again but just wanted her to know there were some boundaries when it came to his sister.

Enjoy the simple things in life.  Sure a new toy from the store is exciting, but so is finding a stick in the woods.  An expensive vacation can be a great way to relax, but a lazy Sunday napping on the couch can sometimes be just as nice.

Life Lessons 5

Make time for a walk in the park.  Life can get hectic, but take time to get outside.  Enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of Vermont.  A stressful day can always be turned around with some fresh air.

If for some reason fresh air doesn’t work, enjoy some snuggles.  Snuggles warm the heart.

Life Lessons 6

Never be afraid to show affection for those you love. If I leave the room for a few seconds, Bo is just as excited to see me when I come back than if I had been gone for hours.  He is never afraid to show how happy he is to see you.

Patience is key.  Bo has so much patience with Elle and her antics, it’s amazes me.  Sometimes you have to put up with things you don’t like in life.  Letting it get to you can make it worse.  A little patience might even show you it’s not so bad and allow you to enjoy life more.

Life Lessons 7

Good food, family and friends is all you need.  Nothing makes Bo happier than a day at home with the whole family.  Especially if that means the extended family and friends.  And of course, good food never ruins the day.

Love wins.  Bo loves pretty much anyone.  If you will pet him, he will love you.  Sure love should be unconditional, but a small pat on the head isn’t too much to ask for, right?

A dog certainly is not required to learn these lessons, but he sure is a reminder to me every day to make sure I am enjoying life.

What life lessons have you learned from your pet?

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