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Changing a Toddler in 31 Easy Steps

While for the most part I don’t miss the newborn stage, the sleepless nights, constant feedings, I do have moments where I think the newborn’s lack of mobility made things a little easier?  Was it easier to get things done when she couldn’t move around?  I mean it really wasn’t easier but sometimes for a moment, in my mind I remember it that way.  My mind has a way of forgetting the bad moments and only remembering the good.  Maybe this is a survival mechanism to get through parenthood alive and with some sanity.

Do you ever feel like as your children grow, each stage of life gets a little easier and a little harder at the same time?

Baby in Bed with Mom and Dad

Changing a toddler is a workout.  At 17 months, I think her life’s mission is to be on the move every waking second of the day.  When trying to change her diaper, she takes every opportunity to try to get off that changing table without a new diaper on.   It’s a workout!

Here’s my 31 easy steps to changing a toddler:

  1. Toddler walks over and makes some motion to her diaper to indicate she needs be changed.
  2. Verify what you’re in for by smelling toddler’s butt.
  3. Think for a second is there a way I can pawn this off on my husband?
  4. Realize you’re stuck with it.
  5. Pick up toddler and place on changing table.
  6. Pull off pants.
  7. Throw pants on her face to play a little game of peek-a-boo and keep her occupied.
  8. Reach in drawer for diaper and wipes.
  9. Toddler takes this opportunity while you’re busy reaching for a diaper to try to flip over.
  10. Put toddler back on back on changing table.
  11. Slide new diaper under toddler.
  12. Open dirty diaper.
  13. Reach for wipe.
  14. Toddler tries to get up again.
  15. Try to hold toddler still with one hand while finding a toy to distract her with the other.
  16. Thank God for your Elastigirl arms and reach a toy.
  17. No! Toy is too big and almost lands in diaper.
  18. Reach for another smaller toy.
  19. Wipe butt.
  20. Wrap up dirty diaper to throw away.
  21. Toddler takes this opportunity again to try to stand up.
  22. Toddler laughs because she is naked and this is her greatest joy in life.
  23. Lay toddler back down.
  24. Play peek-a-boo using her feet.
  25. Put diaper cream on.
  26. Get new diaper on.
  27. Reach for pants with one hand while holding toddler with other to avoid another attempt at escape.
  28. Get pants on.
  29. Place toddler on the floor.
  30. Wipe sweat from forehead.
  31. Grab a glass of wine.

Sometimes I skip step #27.  Who needs pants when you are at home anyway?


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  1. Maria Mercieca
    Maria Mercieca February 24, 2016 at 10:46 am #

    Haha, so true! I LOL’d at #7 because that’s always the first thing I do after taking of her pants, too!

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