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You Want Me to Eat What?

You want me to eat what?? I’m sure my husband thought that exact question on several occasions over the last few years, but thankfully he had the good sense to keep it to himself.  When we first met he was a self described junk food junkie.  His diet consisted mainly of pizza, chips, soda, brownies […]

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Don’t You Want Another One?

Don’t you want another one? Sometime around MJ’s first birthday people starting asking us this. At that time we weren’t ready, we’d had a rough start with him, he wasn’t sleeping through the night and the idea of having another one (regardless of what we wanted) wasn’t even a thought. It started right away, but […]

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Plantain Chips were the highlight of this lunch!

Rainbow Lunches!

Picture this…. You’re in the kitchen making lunch for your kids and you set it in front of them and they are so excited they gobble it all up! A dream come true! That’s how I feel when I make a Rainbow Lunch for my son. My 2.5 year old sometimes turns down the food […]

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