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body confidence in daughters

Body Confidence: Teaching my Toddler When I Am Not Always Confident

“You ding dong,” I said offhandedly to my mother as we walked through a store with my two-year-old daughter tagging along. Almost immediately, my daughter started chuckling and mocking me like a little parrot. “Ding dong, ding dong. Mama say ding dong.” So… we’ve apparently reached the phase where she will hear and repeat everything […]

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Veteran Mom Help

Veteran Mom Help Saved this Rookie from Public Meltdowns

To the two women who offered me a little veteran mom help to diffuse potential tantrums today before they turned to full-blown meltdown status… thank you. We are in full-blown toddler mode these days. My daughter is very smart, so happy, and generally very well behaved… until she isn’t. She’s two. She has big opinions, […]

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mom truths

You Know You’re a Mom When…12 Mom Truths We all Share

“Parenting is a piece of cake,” said no mom ever in the history of parenting. It’s hard work, plain and simple. Hopefully, someone was honest enough to tell you that before you had kids so it wasn’t a complete surprise. Trying to raise a kind, smart, caring human is challenging, it’s SO tiring, it’s terrifying, […]

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