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rain and shovel

My Poor Second Kiddo

I’m a second kid. My husband is a second kid. We both know how this is going to go. The first kid gets millions of cute pictures. From first food on faces, to first steps, to that just too awesome moment in time that needs to be captured. The second kid gets school photos. The […]

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Eating Locally in the Spring

I eat mostly local food. Overall, this is born from the fact that I sell at a farmers market and have goodies left over at the end of the market that I trade with other vendors that have things like meat, produce and bread left at the end of their selling day. It’s a great […]

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finished french toast

Dad’s French Toast

Every family has it’s food traditions and Christmas morning always meant sourdough french toast for me. My sister and I always did Christmas morning at our dad’s and the afternoon with our mom. We would wake up early (ok, I, being the baby of the family, would wake up early and pester my sister until […]

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baby baker

Business & Family

Before there was Maia, before there was my husband, there was my bakery. I started Butterfly Bakery of Vermont only a year and a half out of college. You could say that I’ve always been on an entrepreneurial track. My childhood friends and I regularly set up business on the footpath that ran through our […]

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helping at market

Maia at the Market

What? Did Daddy say that it’s farmers market day? OK! Let’s go! No? Oh breakfast first. Toast with peanut butter and bananas? Toast? Toast? Toast? Toast? Toast? The toast is ready! Yum. That was good. Ok, now can we go? Yay! I love the market. So many snacks and room to run. Run! RUN! Daddy, […]

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Homemade pasta

Homemade Pasta

Homemade pasta doesn’t usually rank high on a working mom’s to do list. But it’s worth it. Well, on the weekend anyway. If you feel comfortable making a pie crust, this is similar but easier. If you don’t feel comfortable making a pie crust, just focus on the easier part. And it’s very forgiving to […]

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Before and after

Losing weight is easy. And really hard.

Like most overweight people I had a general goal to lose weight, so for Christmas 2009 I asked for (and received) a pedometer. I had fun playing with it, even though I was kind of sad how low my steps were (1000-3000 per day). But in January 2010, things got real. I got a phone […]

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cooking liver for pate

Pate for My Tired Pregnant Butt

This pregnancy has been nothing like my first pregnancy. The first time around I was nauseous for most of the first trimester. Not the awful stuff, but the run-of-the-mill “give me all the ginger ale” stuff. My husband was sympathetic, but I didn’t see the wave of recognition until I likened it to the sea […]

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Pumpkin Bread

Maple Pumpkin Bread with Cousins

This year everyone came to our house for Christmas. I love hosting and hate driving in the snow, so this was perfect. “Everyone” included two cousins to my toddler and I thought that I would create a fun cooking project for the three of them. My toddler loves to dump and mix, the 10 year […]

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Mex beans 1

Mexican Slow Cooker Beans

I didn’t trust the slow cooker. Add ingredients and walk away? Wha? No hovering, no regular stirring? But what if it burned?What if it turned off? What if all the liquid evaporated, burned the dish, overheated the element, burst into flames, caught the curtains on fire, burned down the house and all the neighbor’s houses? […]

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Banana Cookies – A Toddler Treat

These cookies are my toddler’s FAVORITE. I own a bakery and she will choose these cookies over my bakery cookies any day. In fact, she will only take a bakery cookie after she has first confirmed that no banana cookies are available. When I was on the GD diet while pregnant, I made these cookies […]

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