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Spirituality and Parenting

When it comes to spirituality, I consider myself a “Jill of all Trades.” I was raised Methodist, am the daughter of a Catholic Deacon, was surrounded by friends who were Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Atheist, and Muslim, and grew up in a haunted house. My parents gave me the freedom to explore spirituality any way I […]

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Mommy’s Intuition or “I Think I’m Psychic”

“I think I’m psychic,” I said to my logical, skeptical, mathematical husband, “or a medium, or something.” “Oh yeah?” he said nonchalantly. Though he’d never outright say it, it’s a known fact in our household that he is the logical, calm, mathematical thinker, and I’m the… um, “eccentric” one. I like to say: he keeps […]

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Holiday Travel Tips for Your Preschooler

The holidays are fast-approaching, and this could possibly mean more travel time with your preschooler or toddler. Here is a process that we’ve used for a 5-hour trip that has consistently worked with our almost 4-year-old to keep her busy and as happy as can be expected on a long car ride. First, we separate […]

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