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When Lying Became Okay

I know, I know. Lying is NOT (typically) okay. Even white lies can hurt someone’s feelings, and I pride myself on being a very honest person. I can easily spin a hurtful phrase into a positive one, instead of lying. Friend is wearing an unflattering top? “Oh, it’s not bad, but I like the pink […]

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Dear Playground Mom

Dear Playground Mom, My daughter, Ellie, is 3-years-old. She’s unusually tall for her age. As in, literally off the doctor’s office development chart. She is taller than your 5-year-old son. When we find a busy playground, like the Ben & Jerry’s park on Free Cone Day, she struggles to find where she fits in. She’s […]

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making beautiful art with kids

Top 20 Ways to Collaborate With Your Child to Make Beautiful Art

My 3-year-old is now making some pretty wonderful artwork. She is clever, creative, and loves splashing paint and making scribbles! She’s also starting to draw “potato” people and wobbly sunshiney scenes. Despite what the Internet says about over-praising my child, I cheer for every little line she makes. But my favorite pieces are the ones […]

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The Horrors of Parenting

And, suddenly, there I was. Driving down a dark, lonely road, in the late hours of a quiet Sunday. Mine were the only headlights causing light to bounce off the pavement and cast shadows among the thick blanket of trees on either side of the highway. The quiet used to bother me, used to make […]

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Documenting Life

Are you completely overwhelmed by the idea of documenting life, preserving memories, photographing your family, the plethora of scrapbooking options, Insta-what?, and printable Facebook pictures? I know. Me too! And I document… everything. When my daughter was born, I snapped hundreds of pics with my massive digital SLR camera. I had no time to sort […]

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The Picture of Parenting

I was lifting her up so that she could put the star on our Christmas tree. For some reason, it was that moment that made me feel like, “Okay, I’m a mom now.” There are lots of moments like that, but that one really stood out. It was a Norman Rockwell painting come to life. […]

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Surviving Vacation

As we embarked on our first real family vacation last week, it never occurred to me that it would be any different than other vacations my husband, Mark, and I have taken together. Sure, I’d have to keep tabs on Ellie, my almost-3-year-old, make sure she was content, throw some food her way, have milk […]

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Back to Full Time

I work in publishing by day, and take on freelance graphic-design work in the evening. It’s a bit like Clark Kent by day, glasses on, hair up, handling daily production of medical journals, like magazines. I yawn and drink more coffee than I should to stay awake. I like my job. Most of the time, […]

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Top 10 Parenting Perks

Top 10 Parenting Perks

There are so many wonderful, beautiful, life-changing reasons to have kids. But there are quite a few “bonus” reasons for having kids around, too. Whether you’re a parent or guardian, aunt, uncle, or grandparent, be sure to take advantage of these Top 10 Parenting Perks when you’re out with your little one. Go ahead, you’ve […]

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Arrival of the Toddler Bed

Finally! It happened. My two-and-a-half-year-old (who is three-feet-tall, no exaggeration!) has grown out of her crib. I’ve delayed it long enough. Last week, though she was sleeping a little lower on her pillow than usual, her feet were actually, definitely touching the end of the crib. She was never a “climber-outer,” so I waited as […]

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I Wanted My Body Back

I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby. All the women in my family did, and I had done my homework on the benefits of breastfeeding. I had many friends who only used formula and I was, of course, 100% supportive of that too, but for myself and my baby, I wanted to at […]

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