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Five Scenic, Stroller-Friendly Walks around Burlington

If you are like me, your baby loves to get outside but you can’t hit the hiking trails quite yet… so anywhere we go requires a stroller!    However, we’ve discovered several fun, stroller-friendly walks around Burlington that guarantee good exercise and interesting scenery.  These walks all follow paved paths or smooth sidewalks, and include […]

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Basketball is one of our favorite extracurricular activities.

Why I am So Grateful for my Daughter’s Extracurricular Activities

My eight year old daughter tried some new extracurricular activities this year and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity this presented me… Why? A few reasons, actually. I get to see her trying- and excelling at- new things. I get to see other parents parenting (which sometimes- admittedly- makes me feel better about my […]

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This, but Not That: the “Best” Baby Gear, and What I Wish I Had Registered for Instead

In my first trimester, I had terrible nausea and vomiting. It was so bad, I lost fifteen pounds. To keep focused on why I was going through all this, I secretly started my baby registry, obsessively researching all the best baby gear and practices for the nauseating bean who would grow into my beautiful son. At […]

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kids going to kindergarten

Kindergarten is here…and we are learning to let go one day at a time.

Someone once told me that from the moment your child is born, from the euphoria, joy, unconditional love,  tireless devotion and selfless commitment, you begin letting them go. As I sit here a week into my daughters first kindergarten experience, I am beginning to understand exactly what that means. I ask myself, have I prepared […]

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