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star wars, princess leia buns, diy costumes

Making Princess Leia Buns for your Halloween Costume: A DIY lesson in playing with your food.

As a youngster I wanted to be Princess Leia from Star Wars. I loved all of her outfits from the white flowy gown to the nipple chafing metal-like bikini she wore in Jabba’s palace. My teenage acne sprinkled face coveted her porcelain flawless skin and her red lips. And those buns! Her amazing brown hair […]

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montreal, street festivals

One Weekend in Montreal: A family of four, The Biodome, Granby Zoo, Poutine, and a whole lotta patience

We have been a family of four for almost 3 years now and we’ve NEVER taken a vacation together. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve gone on plenty of trips and adventures but have always vacationed with extended family or friends with other kids. Traveling with others really helps to dilute the duties of parenthood, if […]

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Hey Yoga: I have a crush on you.

Years ago I read an article about Madonna. In the interview someone asked her how she stays in such great shape. She went on to say that she practices yoga every day. I’m pretty sure I snorted and rolled my eyes and said to myself, “yeah whatever, that’s such bullsh*t.” Then within the last 2 […]

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Parenting While Driving

Texting while driving is a serious issue. But I’m not here to talk about texting. I’m here to talk about something more dangerous than texting. Parenting. More specifically, “Parenting While Driving.” No really. I’m not poking fun at the texting while driving issue. It is scary and every single time my phone beeps with a […]

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hpr buddha bowl post 1

A Buddha Bowl Meal

Now that you’ve read about all the sex you could ever want to hear about from our BVT Mom bloggers, let’s move on to something we can really get jazzed about…food. Last week for lunch I fried up some frozen vegetable dumplings. Both Trader Joes and Costco sell these, and they are minimally processed. As […]

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