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Happy & you know it

To My Kids: If You’re Happy And You Know It, Be Grateful

I stand in the kitchen washing breakfast dishes, listening to the sounds of a household getting organized. My husband packs helmets and goggles into ski bags. My 10-year-old wraps up his morning video game session. And upstairs my 8-year-old is playing the blues, lamenting the poor fortune that befalls her on this snowy winter morning. I mean that quite literally. […]

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Moms night: all we need now are the moms!

Host a Moms Night with Ease. It’s Worth It.

{Disclaimer: We have partnered together with our sponsors, Healthy Living Market and Cafe, to bring you this fun post idea!} Thank goodness for modern technology, because I honesty don’t know if I would have any friends without texts and email. Between focusing on work, kids, and everything in between, my smartphone has become an extension of […]

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Leaf Peeping Fall Eating

Vermont’s Best Spots for Leaf Peeping and Autumn Eating

Right around Labor Day weekend a little awakening begins in the back of my head. It starts with a longing for cinnamon-scented baked goods and hearty slow-cooked suppers. It grows stronger with each crisp evening and practically sings with the first crunch of leaves under my feet. Fall offers sweet rewards to Vermonters, in exchange for letting go of our short […]

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Dinner Recipes for the Picky & Risky

9 Dinner Recipes for Picky AND Adventurous Kids

{Disclaimer:: We have partnered together with Healthy Living Market and Cafe to bring you some of these dinner recipe ideas!} To quote every mom at some point during her kids’ formative years: I’m not a short order cook. If I’m not standing at the side of the dinner table with a notepad and a pencil, […]

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explain parenting

Why It’s Hard to Explain Parenting to Non-Parents

Lofty, existential questions run rampant through the cultural conversation about child bearing and rearing. Deep thoughts like when is it more responsible not to have kids? Or, how about this one: do we lose our own identities in our kids? Whoaaaa nelly. Honestly, though, it’s much easier for me to have those conversations than to explain why I give Eskimo kisses to […]

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guide parenting

A Simple Guide to Proper Parenting

As every parent has said at one point or another, there should be a handbook on how to properly raise children. And maybe a licensing exam. But we all know that once our precious littles arrive into our waiting arms, we are sent off into the big world with nary a second glance, solely and frantically responsible for this wriggling, […]

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Newbie Tips on Starting a Family Garden

Whatever the opposite of a ‘green thumb’ is, that is what I am. Plants enter through my front door at their own risk and hope to an almighty power that my husband will intervene. Or my first grade daughter, for that matter, who seems to have a natural knack for keeping things alive. So last spring when she expressed interest […]

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