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cultivating sensory play

Cultivating Sensory Play

Have you ever smelled something and been flooded with memories of childhood? Ever watched a movie or show, that brought you right back to that moment in time when you first laid eyes on it? Ever taken a sip of a drink that took you back to a warm summers night at sunset? From birth, […]

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The Art of Toy Rotation

Does this sound familiar? Throughout the day our son would leave a tornado of destruction by pulling all of his toys out and not ever really playing with any of them. Toys were piled in a heap, and bins were repeatedly dumped. I didn’t know what to do with all of them, and wanted him […]

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I’m A Perfect Mom

I’m a perfect mom. PHEW! That felt great to say! Before you stop reading, at least let me clarify. I like sparkling floors, books arranged by height, clothes in color and sleeve length sequence, and objects all in their own “place.” I like checking boxes off a list, pretty calendars, and perfectly laid plans.  I […]

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