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30 Day Challenges

It wasn’t until after my first daughter was born 4 years ago that I discovered my affinity for 30 day challenges. It all started when I became frustrated that I wasn’t taking time to do one single thing for myself in any given day. My whole day centered around caring for my infant child, my […]

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Maple Sugaring at Home

It’s started out so innocent. Then 3 taps, 2 Sugar Maple trees, eight 5-gallon food grade buckets, 2 propane tanks of gas, 1 turkey fryer, and over 40 gallons of sap later, it was anything but a simple science experiment. Now that I’ve given it to you Tarantino style, let me detail how a simple […]

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I’m Guessing You Don’t Have Kids

There are times in my day when I encounter people for one reason or another that make me utter under my breath the words “I’m guessing you don’t have kids!” Here is a sample of those encounters: To the creator of the automated phone system: as I’m trying to navigate your phone system and I […]

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On Turning 40

I love birthdays and not just mine. I love all birthdays. It’s that one day made just for you. I love baking cakes illuminated with a copious amount of candles for friends and family. I love blowing out my own candles and making some youthful wish, like a 9-year-old, and believing it will come true. […]

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It’s Apparently Called Breath Holding

When my first daughter was just over 1 yr old, I witnessed what had to be one of the most terrifying moments in my life. It played out something like this. Piper, 1 yr old at the time, was overly tired and very irritable. She wanted me to hold her and was running to me […]

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It’s Worth It

Despite the still warm days and brilliant colors, I feel the anxiety of winter stealing my ability to just fall into the graces of this season. Now, before having kids, I would have been relishing in endless days of mountain biking over barely visible trails  covered in crunchy leaves and eagerly standing on watch for […]

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Let’s Let Them Play

I remember my childhood as days of going into the woods with my pocket knife and maybe some nails and lumber poached from my dad’s workbench. I would spend all day in the dirt and trees with my many siblings, playing, chasing, running, climbing, and most memorably, whittling wood. At 8 years old, I had […]

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