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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

I feel like ever since I got breasts, it’s been drilled into my head that I have a family history of breast cancer. As I age, it’s like my doom’s day is impending. What if I get breast cancer? Me. My mom was diagnosed at age 36. It was one of those things where she […]

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Paint Party 13

Paint Birthday Party

Pinterest has made kids birthdays a competitive event and I have to admit I’ve fallen into the trap. For the past three years, I’ve spent hours planning, crafting and implementing a perfect party for my daughter.  I’ve made my daughter’s birthday into something. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not and I’ve […]

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A Simple Bathroom

When I think about the “hot zones” for clutter, in the average household, the bathroom and kitchen come to mind. Today, I share with you my bathroom.  It’s located on our main floor and is utilized frequently since it’s the only bath on this floor.  Here are nine tips towards a simple bathroom.     […]

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My Closet Collage 1

Inside My Closet

  Have you ever wondered how a professional organizer organizes their own stuff?  Today, I’m sharing my closet with you! It’s not as picture perfect as Martha Stewart’s would be.  I have a limited budget and need to be realistic about what I can spend it on.  I think it’s a good reminder that we […]

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organized car

Your Organized Car

Are you ready to fight the clutter? Let’s tackle your car today! You can use these clever ideas to maintain an organized car. 1. Keep your cup holders clean with silicone cupcake liners!   I think this is genius because the cup holder always gets grimy and it’s so hard to clean it out. Reusable, […]

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Spring Clean Garage 13

Spring Cleaning Your Garage

It’s finally here – Spring! Spring symbolizes new beginning and what better way to start fresh than to spring clean your garage! It’s warm enough to get outside to tackle this project. Pick a weekend – you may need both Saturday and Sunday to complete. I’m at my best in the morning so I’d be […]

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Sass and Spice and Everything Nice

“The BVTMB is getting real this week about a sometimes taboo, but important topic…S-E-X!  Our team is sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly…and maybe the humorous and kinky too… about sex after kids in hopes that some of you can relate.” In honor of Valentine’s Day and the release of a new racy movie, […]

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