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Toddler grinning widely eating dog food

Five “Delicious” Things My Toddler Ate Today

Like many parents, I strive to buy and prepare fresh, healthy local meals for my kids. Don’t get me wrong, there are still nights when a box of Annie’s, a hot dog (organic makes it healthy, right?) and carrot sticks make a meal, but generally I try to plan and provide quality foods for their […]

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Our Magniloquent Epistle

  We write a Christmas letter every year. It’s a lovely tradition and gesture, but every year as we prepare to write it, I can’t help but think two things: Our life is a bit depressing. Our life is super BORING. “Seasons Greetings! The year progressed from January to December once again.  We worked, the […]

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‘Tis the Night Before Christmas

‘Tis the night before Christmas, but in our humble abode All of the creatures are vibrating, on Christmas overload. The stockings were…oh dear, let me see, I meant to hang them up, oh where can they be? The children are hyper, sneaking canes from the tree, Following me around chanting, “can we watch TV?” The […]

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Tween Tote

Making a “Tween Tote”: A Tangible Step in Easing the Transition to Middle School

August is here. The time to sort through clothes to figure out what fits and what doesn’t (not to mention what’s fashionable or “so last year”) and to make the annual back to school shopping trip for all your kids’ clothing and school supply needs. Call me crazy, but even though I despise shopping, I […]

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Screen Free Summer

Screen-Free Summer

  Last year, with only a few weeks left of the school year, growing tired from relentless inquiries to “watch a show,” or the constant battles about how many minutes of screen-time remained, I hastily informed my upcoming 4th and 5th grader that we would be having a “screen-free summer.” I immediately started panicking as […]

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Mom, Resolutions, Humor

The Top 5 “Mom Resolutions:” Why they never work, and simple solutions to succeed this year

As Moms we resolve to make positive changes in our lives with the dawn of each New Year, always seeking to improve ourselves, our relationships and better our family and circumstances. Somehow however, every year, ambitions are too high, stamina too low and the results disappointing. Here are some “simple” suggestions on how to succeed […]

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To My Child in the Shadows

I am a busy mother of three wonderful children, and like most mothers I strive to meet all their needs and show each of them the love and attention they deserve. Like most mothers, I fall short of this lofty goal, usually on a daily basis. Maggie, my youngest, is eleven months old and still […]

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