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Dutch Baby 8

Creating Traditions: Dutch Baby

I love food. Preparing it, waiting for it, sharing it. But my favorite dishes are those that are steeped in memories. The cinnamon scent of Mom’s Deep Dish Apple pie, Dad’s frugality-inspired pennyrolls, Howard Johnson’s crispy mozzarella sticks dripping in the world’s best ranch. All of it makes me remember, makes my memories real. I don’t know which of my […]

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Mountains 1

Moving Mountains

some days I look around me and see mountains mountains of laundry miles I’m dying to run stuffed animals on the office floor dog drool on the walls mountains of wonder how does she have it all together? how does her house fit inside its seems  some days I’m back at the beach  there are blonde wooden blocks […]

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Introvert 3

Tips for Extrovert Parents With Introvert Kids

I am the youngest of five kids and grew up feeling at home in social situations. In general, I am energetic around people and thrive off of interaction. Although I don’t love labels, I closely resemble the textbook defintion of “extrovert.” Two of my three children, however, share behaviors that would be described as introverted, although […]

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Feeding Sean 7

Feeding Sean

In my last trimester of pregnancy, a flood destroyed our home.  The spring green nursery complete with washed and folded-hand-me-down clothes and a honey colored armoir that I had as a babe, was destroyed. All of it, most of our home and possessions.  In a heartbeat. We moved into a hotel and I searched for hope […]

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boy, two girls, brother, two sisters, brother and two sisters, girl holding apple, kids sitting at picnic table, happy siblings

On Being “Done”

“We’re going to have a little boy.” My friend told me over the phone and I almost burned the pork carnitas I had labored over all afternoon. I yelped with pure happiness for her, her husband, their children. I had known it weeks earlier. I have this thing. This weird way of knowing when women are […]

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Crying 2

Cry Me a River

It was winter out. Icy, frigid, gray. I found myself sitting in the Skinny Pancake at Burlington Airport, waiting for my outbound flight to Newark, NJ. I was going to the funeral and services for my dear, cherished aunt. I had a plate full of brie and apple crepes in front of me and I […]

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brows 6

Wax On, Wax Off

To wax or not to wax. It’s never been a question. At the ripe old age of 14, I began a dutiful pilgrimage to the nail salon in the center of town to have my eyebrows separated and defined. “No baby oil, please,” I’d request for fear of the dreaded post-waxing pimples that would surely […]

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Unplugged 7

Unplugging in the Afternoon + A Giveaway

Yesterday, the kids and I colored monster pictures.   Maggie is into patterns these days and so alternated coloring her monsters turquoise and brown. Sophia, having recently begun feeling proud of her artistic skills, worked slowly and confidently, using “lots of detail” a phrase she learned from Mrs. G, her beloved art teacher.  Sean’s imagination went wild, as […]

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