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How to Save Money on Groceries This Summer

What is it about summertime that sends my grocery budget flying out the window? I’ve noticed our grocery bill, and food costs in general tend to increase during the summer months. I guess it could be due to all the cookouts and celebrations we Vermonters need to cram into a three month time period just […]

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Teaching Kids About Money

Money can be a sensitive topic, am I right?! But, it doesn’t always have to be, especially when it comes to guiding and teaching our children. While I don’t think it’s necessary to divulge every detail of our finances to our kids, I do think there is value in including our children in open and […]

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Balancing The Account

Money Talk – Learning to curb my spending!

I am a natural spender! I love to shop and love the feel of new things (clothes, shoes, household items, etc.) in my hands. I am also an impatient shopper and don’t like waiting for things that I want. For the last couple of years I have wanted to change my ways and learn to […]

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