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Am I Going Crazy, or Is it Menopause? And what the Heck is Perimenopause?

Whether you’ve been longing for it or dreading it, the “change of life,” or, “mental pause” is inevitable. Women have known their menstrual cycles would eventually come to an end since they began. Menopause, also known as “the climacteric,” is defined as, “The time in most women’s lives when menstrual periods stop permanently, and they […]

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woman looking sad

Handle with Care! What Do You Wish Everyone Already Knew about You?

Have you ever wished that you had a sign on your forehead that read, “Handle with Care,” or that there was part of your personal history that everyone was automatically aware of so they could treat you extra gently with regard to your personal sensitive subject? Like a personal biography that preceded any encounters you […]

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Iyengar Yoga Postpartum and Pelvic Floor Class: One Mom’s Experience

This post is sponsored by the Iyengar Yoga Center of Vermont. All views expressed within are our own. When I was offered the opportunity to participate in a postpartum/pelvic floor yoga class presented by The Iyengar Yoga Center of Vermont, a little voice inside told me to DO IT.  I have never been to a […]

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Woman lying in the fetal position on a bed

Teaching My Daughters about the Toll of the Emotional Symptoms of Menstruation

I try to be as open as possible with my daughters about both the physical and emotional symptoms of menstruation. Growing up, I knew nothing about menstruation or the various devices available to manage your menstrual cycle. I never saw a tampon or sanitary napkin or even heard of these terms before I needed to […]

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The Five Elements in Chinese Medicine: Which Element Are You?

Fire. Earth. Metal. Water. Wood. The Five Elements in Chinese Medicine represent a theoretical foundation for how nature acts, and in turn, how our bodies, mind, and spirit interact with nature. The Five Elements can be broken down into categories relating to all aspects of nature like tastes, colors, emotions, organs, and sounds. Their relationships are all interconnected, […]

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