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Woman lying in the fetal position on a bed

Teaching My Daughters about the Toll of the Emotional Symptoms of Menstruation

I try to be as open as possible with my daughters about both the physical and emotional symptoms of menstruation. Growing up, I knew nothing about menstruation or the various devices available to manage your menstrual cycle. I never saw a tampon or sanitary napkin or even heard of these terms before I needed to […]

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The Five Elements in Chinese Medicine: Which Element Are You?

Fire. Earth. Metal. Water. Wood. The Five Elements in Chinese Medicine represent a theoretical foundation for how nature acts, and in turn, how our bodies, mind, and spirit interact with nature. The Five Elements can be broken down into categories relating to all aspects of nature like tastes, colors, emotions, organs, and sounds. Their relationships are all interconnected, […]

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Baby wearing white long sleeve shirt sleeping on their back, arms above their head, wrapped in a white swaddle blanket with teal lions on it.

A Pediatric Nurse and Doula’s Initial Breastfeeding Journey

One morning, earlier this summer, I was helping my almost two-year-old daughter, Tenley, get dressed and she kept pointing at me and saying “Hippo hippo.” Her brother, Bryson, my “three and three-quarters” year-old, and I looked at each other and giggled, “Hippo?!” Then she tugged at the neckline of my shirt and after a few […]

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