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5 Tips to Reclaim Your Master Bedroom

Reserve your master bedroom for you and your significant other. All too often, other uses enter your bedroom (office space, electronics, kids’ toys, etc.) and add clutter to a space that should be peaceful and romantic.  We need to be reminded that our master bedrooms are for sleeping (and ah hem you-know-what) not for work or kids.     Reduce the clutter with […]

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My Introversion, His Extroversion

There once was a girl who loved to be alone…and silence.  She loved to have deep conversations with a small circle of friends and discuss the deep things of life.  She liked reading books while sitting in window seats, and perusing a store (one store) for hours, and all things orderly.   And quiet…did I mention […]

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Date Night Event at Bevo: Tickets on Sale Now!

Our BVTMB team is passionate about providing opportunities for moms and families in our communities to connect. We love having the online connection with you all through the blog, but we also love being able to connect offline through our events! We’ve loved hosting events like our Moms Night Outs, family events, play dates, etc. but […]

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How I Became a Mother: Letting Go & Letting In

BurlingtonVT Moms Blog is partnering with Vermont Midwives Association to bring you our latest series titled “How I Became a Mother” in honor of Mother’s Day.  Each of us has a unique journey on how we got here…here being in this crazy thing called motherhood.  Some of us have grown our families through adoption, some […]

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10 Lessons in Marriage

8 years ago today I walked down the aisle in the middle of a beautiful pecan grove…in Phoenix where you can walk down the aisle outside in March…towards my best friend.  The day was perfect, as any bride would say of their wedding day.  Surrounded by our friends and family, we made our vows to […]

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The Proposal

Hello, lovely parents of the Internet! I am Gretchin, mom of a wild two-year-old, Ellie, and new contributor to BVT Moms Blog. I’m so happy to be here, to share my stories, and learn from other amazing Vermont moms! I’d like to take this opportunity – my first official post here – to tell you […]

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Hotel Vermont + Farmer’s Dinner = Unforgettable!

So there’s this place in town called Hotel Vermont.  Have you been there yet?  Oh my goodness, get your date clothes on and get over there!  Forgive me for being a little late to the game, I don’t know what took me so long to step foot into that beautiful and delicious place. Last week […]

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