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Babies to Boomers: Review and Giveaway! {Sponsored}

We know how hard it can be to find a babysitter. All of us mommas long for a night out with our significant others or perhaps just a chance to run errands without your little ones in tow wreaking havoc. And lets not even talk about the difficulties of finding a quality nanny! I’ve watched several […]

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Star Gazing

My husband is a little obsessed with stars. Stars of Betelgeuse and North fame, not Bullock and Clooney. I don’t think he knows very much about them, he just likes to look at them. Last year we vacationed at a beautiful Christmas tree farm (check it out) in Springfield, VT and the lack of ambient […]

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Salted Caramel cake

Stalking Cristy Swain:: Cucina Antica Giveaway :: Closed

You  may have guessed by now that I love food. Although I do enjoy cooking and baking it’s the eating part that I like best. I’m also passionate about all things local. So when good food + local marry each other, I’m on cloud 9. I have a confession to make. I’ve been stalking someone. Her […]

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