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YouTuber Iz Harris and her son

My Favorite YouTube Channels for Everything You Need in Life

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a YouTube addict. My YouTube addiction started after my husband and I decided to cut the cord on our cable TV subscription. Because of this, we no longer have access to any cable networks. At first, I was worried about no longer being able to watch all […]

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10 Real Everyday Moms’ Makeup Bags

There must be some kind of human condition that makes us love to peek into each others lives. Whether it’s watching daily vlogs or mukbangs on youtube, or opening someone’s medicine cabinet when you use their restroom, we love to see what others are doing or the products they are using. Here’s a peek into […]

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love at first bite

Love at First Bite: Nursing, Teething and Sensory Jewelry for the Whole Family

{Disclaimer: We are working with Love at First Bite to bring you this post, however, all opinions are our own!} I first learned about Love at First Bite a little over a year ago when I participated in a Poe Wovens photo shoot. Poe Wovens received some of Love at First Bite’s jewelry to use in […]

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Pleated shorts.

Women United Against Shorts

Dear friends, You might not have realized it because of the weather we’ve had recently, but guess what?!? Summer is coming! YAY!!! There is not much more glorious than summer, am I right? I simply can’t get enough of the long, warm, sunny days. With summer, however, we are all faced with the impending decision […]

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