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This Mom of Boys Is Outraged

I don’t know how to react to the recent news involving Brock Turner and his “20 minutes of action” other than to be outraged. I am outraged at Turner for not only sexually attacking an unconscious human being, but also for not taking responsibility for his actions.  I am outraged by the letter his father […]

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kids going to kindergarten

Kindergarten is here…and we are learning to let go one day at a time.

Someone once told me that from the moment your child is born, from the euphoria, joy, unconditional love,  tireless devotion and selfless commitment, you begin letting them go. As I sit here a week into my daughters first kindergarten experience, I am beginning to understand exactly what that means. I ask myself, have I prepared […]

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Ice Cream by Chris JL (CC by 2.0)

How to Love and Support a Single Mom

If anyone thinks that parenting is a walk in the park, then perhaps you should go and pour me a glass of whatever you’re drinking. Make it a double, please. I think most of us can agree that parenting is hard. It’s an endurance event that never ends, where the participants willfully ignore the rules, […]

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