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New Mom on the Block: How I’m (Barely) Managing Moving to a New School

A new school year is upon us. It actually descended sometime in late July, heralded by fliers and advertisements shouting at every turn, from running to the drug store for toothpaste to shopping online for shoes to wear to a friend’s wedding. It’s likely that before the ink dries on the first homework assignment, Back-to-School […]

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alarm clock to help me keep my school year goals

School Year Goals: Thinking About What I Need to Do to Stay Sane

As much as I like summer, I think I’m ready for my kids to start school. I managed to complete over 90% of my summer ‘mommy bucket list’ with my children. We camped (twice), took a vacation to Maine, traveled to their grandparents’, and participated in a variety of camps and swimming lessons. With just […]

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Internet Safety Grant for Parent Teacher Associations Throughout the US

Is Internet safety the “Birds and the Bees” talk of today? How do you even begin to address social media safety, Internet precautions, and critical thinking about information that’s published online with your kids?  Today, BurlingtonVT Moms Blog is happy to announce that Facebook is starting a new collaboration with Parent Teacher Associations throughout the […]

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Starting Kindergarten: Excitement, Fear And All The Emotions In Between

Starting kindergarten isn’t new in our household, but we sure do get a refresher this year. Our youngest is starting kindergarten, and I’m amazed at how different my approach to this milestone is compared to when our daughter entered kindergarten. Fear, anxiety, worry, tears… you name the emotion and I was going through it when […]

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Photo by Sai De Silva on Unsplash

The Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Mom of a Special Needs Child, but were Afraid to Ask

As a mom of a special needs child, I spend a fair amount of time telling my story and advocating for our son. I am truly lucky that I have an amazing support network that, for the most part, lets me go off on tangents and listens and supports me, even if they don’t understand […]

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