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mom truths

You Know You’re a Mom When…12 Mom Truths We all Share

“Parenting is a piece of cake,” said no mom ever in the history of parenting. It’s hard work, plain and simple. Hopefully, someone was honest enough to tell you that before you had kids so it wasn’t a complete surprise. Trying to raise a kind, smart, caring human is challenging, it’s SO tiring, it’s terrifying, […]

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Part of our collection of board books

Board Books: Our Family’s Favorites and Why We Love Them

It’s been scientifically proven that reading to babies at early ages encourages cognitive and language development. It is never too soon to start reading to your babies. I’ll admit, when I was pregnant with my first child, there were times I wanted to talk to him, but I really had nothing to say. He would often […]

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special needs

Five Awesome Resources for Special Needs Families in Vermont

Vermont is a wonderful place to raise a family, especially for special needs families. As a transplant to this incredible state, I am often asked if I will ever go back home, and I always respond with the answer that Vermont is our home. At a year old, my son wasn’t pulling to a stand […]

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A Happy Farewell

BurlingtonVT Moms Blog started out as two women’s dream to give a voice to Vermont Moms and has grown into a huge network that offers Vermont moms support, community, and connection. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary this past October. It also marked the anniversary of Tasha and Josilyn purchasing BVTMB from Nissa Sutphen, the […]

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