Introducing Kathleen! BVTMB Photographer

Once upon a time I daydreamed about a cute old farmhouse, a charming gentleman, and a beautiful life. Before I knew it that daydream became reality and here I am! Drafty old farmhouse and all. And although my life is not perfect (because whose is, really?) it is perfect for me and I love nearly […]

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Living My Dream

When I am writing I like to pretend that I’m having a conversation with a good friend.  I’m not sure if that is an excuse for bad grammar but I like to say that it’s because it helps me just be myself. See? That sentence is totally unacceptable by writer’s terms but we are just […]

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Coffeeshop Inspiration

A New Method

To really know me,  you should understand that writing is at my core.  I’ve always done it, beginning at age five when I discovered how much I adored writing poetry. I’d effortlessly wax about things like God, love and death in bold blue pen and then cover my poems with tracing paper, gliding over the words […]

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Confessions of a Momma…Mom Fail

Mom fail. A term that has been coined to describe a moment or event where a mom is incredibly aware of her short comings. I think us moms use this terms as a way to sort of laugh at the situation, because if we didn’t, the guilt just might overtake us or we might just […]

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Last Weeks Winners!

Here are last weeks winners of our fab giveaways!   North Photography- Sara Murray jjustjjill jewelry- Erin Rocheleau Junie Babie Designs- Deb Max and Ozzies- Carey Kolomaznik My Little Cupcake- Kiesha Richardson Phoenix Books- Stephanie Young   Congrats ladies! Please contact us at [email protected] to receive your prize no later than Wednesday by midnight. Otherwise, […]

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A Good Gift

I want to tell you a story about receiving a gift worth more than anything I could ever afford or repay.  I will never own it, though it was given to me, and I suspect it will bring as much pain at times as it does joy.  I choose this story as a way to […]

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Confessions of a Thumb Sucker

Canaan is now 4 months old and I feel like, quite literally, time is flying by. Even now I watch him as he sleeps in his swing and find myself trying to imprint upon my memory how his little feet dangle, how he coos, and how that sweet little tuft of hair on top of […]

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A Work in Progress

What should they know about me? This is the question I keep asking as I’m sitting here trying to write an introductory post about myself. What should they know? Here I am staring at my computer screen trying to come up with something clever or interesting to say, but I keep glancing back at my […]

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A place to call home…

Moving away from Vermont was the best thing I could have done in my life. “How could she say such a thing? Why she’s supposed to be blogging about Vermont and singing it’s praises”! I know that’s what you must be thinking, I’d think it too. But as I’ve been pondering what to share with […]

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Coming Soon!

We are so excited to be launching this blog in late September! Take some time to look around our website and be sure to click on our “About Us” tab to learn more about who we are and what we are passionate about. Our launch week will be full of giveaways from local businesses and […]

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