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Iyengar Yoga Postpartum and Pelvic Floor Class: One Mom’s Experience

This post is sponsored by the Iyengar Yoga Center of Vermont. All views expressed within are our own. When I was offered the opportunity to participate in a postpartum/pelvic floor yoga class presented by The Iyengar Yoga Center of Vermont, a little voice inside told me to DO IT.  I have never been to a […]

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Real Talk about Breastfeeding Intentions VS the Hard Reality of Breastfeeding

Before having your first baby, breastfeeding is probably high on your trepidation checklist. Sure, it’s a magical act of bonding between you and your baby. But it can also be stressful, or painful, or both! In theory, placing your baby at your breast seems simple enough. Women have been doing this since the beginning of […]

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Sex After Kids: Birth Destroyed My Body and My Sex Life

If you Google the phrase, “Sex after kids,” a quick scroll down the page reveals a list of articles and blog posts entitled, “Is there sex after kids?” “Sexless marriage,” “How to maintain your sex life after having children,” and “5 ways to protect your sex life from your kids.” Nowhere on this page do […]

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Sex After Kids? No, Thanks! At Least Not Right Now…

You know the feeling: You’re 5 weeks, 6 days postpartum, and you’re heading into your OB in the morning for the all-clear appointment. Your husband can barely sleep; it’s like Christmas Eve for him. He just can’t wait to dig into the presents under your tree (maybe a bush is more appropriate here? Whatever, it’s […]

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