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I’m Not Okay, but Don’t Ask Me About It: Finding Strength in Vulnerability

When Meghan Markle bravely declared on international news that she was, “Not okay,” after the birth of her first child, I found myself nodding along to the clip, recalling those first few weeks and months as a new mom, when I wasn’t okay, either. I recalled the feeling of loneliness and my desperate need for […]

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Divide and Conquer: How My Husband and I Share Parenting Tasks

When my husband and I brought our oldest son home from the hospital, I just wasn’t right. I didn’t know at the time, but I was suffering from postpartum anxiety. People don’t talk about this enough, but I wish they did. With my postpartum anxiety came some completely irrational fears like accidentally hitting my baby’s […]

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A Window into this Dad’s Life on Father’s Day and Beyond

I don’t know what I’m doing. There. I said it… Are you happy, world??? This dad’s life is basically a series of hot messes that I’m desperately trying to contain with Kirkland brand disinfecting wipes. Shout out to Costco for always having my back, and probably way too much of my disposable income. I tried […]

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The Silver Linings of Shared Custody According to a Divorced Mom

Divorced mom life comes with a range of challenges as I mentioned in an earlier post (which you should go read). However, there are some silver linings of a shared custody arrangement too. Frankly, it’s the silver linings of shared custody that help me keep perspective when things do feel rough: primarily, the times when […]

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Learning to Be Selfish after Becoming a Mom Gave Me a Great Sex Life

In recent years, since I became a mother twice over, and despite many changes to my body, I’ve embraced my sexuality more than ever before. What is my trick, my magic approach to having a great sex life with my partner? I confess I’m selfish in bed. I’m greedy. Self-centered. Here’s how I’ve been taking […]

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Sex After Kids: Birth Destroyed My Body and My Sex Life

If you Google the phrase, “Sex after kids,” a quick scroll down the page reveals a list of articles and blog posts entitled, “Is there sex after kids?” “Sexless marriage,” “How to maintain your sex life after having children,” and “5 ways to protect your sex life from your kids.” Nowhere on this page do […]

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