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Maple Sugaring at Home

It’s started out so innocent. Then 3 taps, 2 Sugar Maple trees, eight 5-gallon food grade buckets, 2 propane tanks of gas, 1 turkey fryer, and over 40 gallons of sap later, it was anything but a simple science experiment. Now that I’ve given it to you Tarantino style, let me detail how a simple […]

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My Closet Collage 1

Inside My Closet

  Have you ever wondered how a professional organizer organizes their own stuff?  Today, I’m sharing my closet with you! It’s not as picture perfect as Martha Stewart’s would be.  I have a limited budget and need to be realistic about what I can spend it on.  I think it’s a good reminder that we […]

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organized car

Your Organized Car

Are you ready to fight the clutter? Let’s tackle your car today! You can use these clever ideas to maintain an organized car. 1. Keep your cup holders clean with silicone cupcake liners!   I think this is genius because the cup holder always gets grimy and it’s so hard to clean it out. Reusable, […]

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Spring Clean Garage 13

Spring Cleaning Your Garage

It’s finally here – Spring! Spring symbolizes new beginning and what better way to start fresh than to spring clean your garage! It’s warm enough to get outside to tackle this project. Pick a weekend – you may need both Saturday and Sunday to complete. I’m at my best in the morning so I’d be […]

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Newbie Tips on Starting a Family Garden

Whatever the opposite of a ‘green thumb’ is, that is what I am. Plants enter through my front door at their own risk and hope to an almighty power that my husband will intervene. Or my first grade daughter, for that matter, who seems to have a natural knack for keeping things alive. So last spring when she expressed interest […]

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Top 4 Local Vermont Hiking Trails to Tackle with Your Kids

Top 4 Local Hiking Trails to Tackle with Your Kids Before They Turn 10

Today’s the day. Today you will go out and hike. You will bring your offspring and enjoy the outdoors (gosh darnit). The only mountain you know is Camel’s Hump. You have a vague memory of hiking this sometime after a night of drinking back in college. You don’t remember much about that other than it […]

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adventuring slide

Tips and Tricks for Outdoor Adventuring with Kids!

It seems pretty daunting to bring young children out hiking or camping, what with all the dirty dirty faces, eating hot dogs for days, fire pits, not to mention the bugs… And WHERE do you go that is suitably beautiful but NOT Everest for Kids (aka Camel’s Hump)? Thankfully I’ve done the dirty work for […]

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