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Passionate About the Community
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White Lillie Designs Etsy Shop

First, congratulations to our Halloween Costume Contest winner, batman Jack! That is one cute batman!! The winner has won a personalized ornament from a wonderful local Etsy shop called White Lillie Designs. Drawing elegance and strength from natural beauty, White Lilie Designs creates original jewelry that is handmade in Stowe, Vermont. I discovered this shop a […]

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The Comparison Game

We all do it. As women and as mothers it seems we are constantly comparing ourselves and our lives against one another. Comparing ourselves as moms, our children, our marriages, our jobs, our looks, our houses, and the list could go on an on. If I am not careful I can find myself constantly feeling […]

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Your Pictures Used as Holiday Gifts

Happy November! Oh my how time flies. 🙂 Lovely to be writing to you all again. Did anyone have a chance to try out the flash technique I talk about last month? How did it go? 🙂 First off,  a BIG cozy congratulations to our portrait session giveaway winner Sara! She won the North Photography giveaway in September and I […]

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Diaper Changing Pad

DIY Diaper Changing Pad Cover

It seems that everyone around me is having a baby or, like me, just had one.  Now I’m all about registries, you can’t go wrong with giving the Mama-To-Be something she’s actually asked for.  However, I also like giving something that’s a little personalized.  That’s why this easy to sew diaper pad changing cover has […]

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Cutest Halloween Costume Contest!

We have seen some adorable Halloween pictures lately filled with babies and kids dressed up in great costumes! Seriously, isn’t that the best part of Halloween (besides all the candy of course)? After being inspired by all the cute photos, we decided to start a contest so all that cuteness can be put on full […]

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Citrasolv Transfer Tutorial

Oh my goodness.  I mean it, oh my goodness.  You all need to stop what you are doing right now and run over to City Market (or another natural food store) and buy yourselves some Citrasolv.  It’s a natural household cleaner that has found new friends as an image transfer solution!  Since I am making […]

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Halloween Safety Tips!

I’ve been around the trick-or-treating block a few times in my day so a post on Safety Tips for All Hallow’s Eve seemed to me a little, well, blah.  However, two things came to mind. 1.  If you’re like me and are somewhat new to the game with your own kids a little refresher doesn’t […]

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