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Life with Resting Grumpy Mom Face

Life with Resting Grumpy Mom Face

Grumpy: surly or ill-tempered; discontentedly or sullenly irritable; grouchy. “grumpy.” Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 15 Oct. 2015. <>. I am not a grumpy mom. I think I am pretty laidback and fun, most of the time. So you can imagine my surprise to discover I suffer from that scourge of our times: resting […]

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This is 40…almost

I am almost 40.  Almost… It has been a good life, not unlike a really wonderful roller coaster ride; incredible highs, some really deep lows, lots of unexpected twists and turns.  Times that have taken my breath away and times that have made me want to vomit.  Laughter, tears, joy, panic, and every emotion in […]

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