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How to Help Your Kids Love Art, Whether You Do, or Not

“How can I help my kids love art?” My mother asked my first-grade teacher. My mom was not an expert in art herself but had an inkling from parenting books that it would be a good thing to expose me and my sisters to. My teacher, one of the best I ever had, answered my […]

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Art Display Ideas — DIY Clothesline

“Mama, why is my drawing in the garbage?” Violet pouted from behind hurt eyes, her little toddler hand clutched around a scribbled-on piece of ripped-out notebook paper. “Oh, whoops! I’m sure it was an accident,” I stammered, feigning surprise. If you have a kid in preschool, you can probably relate to this story. Sure, that first time you peek […]

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Wingspan Studio Summer Camps: A Review

There is perhaps nothing more “Burlington” than a painted metal door in a South End walk-up that leads to a working art studio. And just in case you don’t have an outright lifestyle experience walking up the 4 short flights of artists-live-here stairs, you won’t be disappointed upon entering Wingspan Studio in 4A. The kids […]

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Epidurals & Dinosaurs

I can only imagine that we all have, or know someone that has, a unique childbirth story. The first time around, my wife and I hadn’t even realized she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. Instead, we were too busy being reassured that things were going to be okay, despite the fact that she […]

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Shop VT 2013: Your Local Holiday Gift Guide Day Two

It’s day 2 of our local holiday gift guide, Shop VT 2013, and today we are bringing you gifts for the expectant mom and babies, gifts for kids, and gifts for the family, and the chance to win them all! And make sure to check out day 1 if you missed it, which is full of […]

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