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Practical Strategies for Holiday Budgeting and Organizing your Gift List

Every year, when the leaves start to fall, I can’t help but get excited. I love all things fall: apple-picking, carving pumpkins, Halloween, baking pretty much anything that involves cinnamon, and consuming anything and everything pumpkin spice flavored. But, while I’m enjoying all things fall, thoughts begin to creep into my head about the upcoming […]

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art, clothesline, wall

Art Display Ideas — DIY Clothesline

“Mama, why is my drawing in the garbage?” Violet pouted from behind hurt eyes, her little toddler hand clutched around a scribbled-on piece of ripped-out notebook paper. “Oh, whoops! I’m sure it was an accident,” I stammered, feigning surprise. If you have a kid in preschool, you can probably relate to this story. Sure, that first time you peek […]

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Gourmet on a Budget

We know that it can be easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to feeding our families. When you are contending with picky eaters, time constraints, and sleep deprivation, meal planning and food prep can often feel overwhelming. The BVTMB team along with our sponsor, Healthy Living, is here to provide some […]

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Budget Ninja

Flashback Friday :: Budget Ninja

Look, I am no financial expert.  My husband hasn’t worked at a for-profit organization since his teenage days in the Wal-Mart technology department.  He was a total stud, I wish I had known him then. Recently I paid our mortgage 1 day late and .25 short to the tune of a $50 penalty.  And once […]

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