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Beyond the Label: Helping Kids See the ‘Ability’ in ‘Disability’

While running errands, my daughter and I often run into a young man at his place of employment who is friendly and seems to be well-liked by his co-workers.  He is very pleasant and always chats with me about my daughter while completing the tasks he is assigned;  It seems, however, that it has been obvious to […]

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Taming the Tiger Mom

Taming the Tiger Mom

I keep making the same parenting mistake over and over I need desperately need to learn to stop. I need to teach myself to quit being such a “tiger mom” before I end up seriously harming my kids. Already I can see that pushing my three year old son to write his name ended up […]

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Our Bodies Are Not Meant For Childbirth

Our bodies are meant for this. This innocent-sounding phrase is everywhere. You read it in novels. You hear the instructor in childbirth class repeat it again and again. And it’s all over on social media. It’s something women say to other women because they think that it is encouraging and helpful. Maybe you’ve even said […]

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Ditch the Nursing Cover While Breastfeeding!

Ladies, can we all just agree on something? It’s time to ditch the nursing cover! You know the ones I’m talking about; they look like a strange miniature apron. And they even come in different colors and patterns so you can coordinate them with your outfit. To use one, you sling the string around your […]

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Please Stop Body-Shaming My Baby Girl

My baby girl is barely four months old, but she’s already the size of a six month old. She weighs about eighteen pounds. At her last check up, she measured above the ninetieth percentile for both height and weight. She is a very big baby.  Her thighs are each made up of three soft rolls […]

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