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Lila lying on pumpkin- resized

Ode to my Cat: Talking to Kids about Death

If dogs are man’s best friends, then cats are woman’s. I adopted Pumpkin from an animal shelter in Salem, MA right after buying my first house with my first husband. He was a symbol of our growing family, and a darling cat-baby that we both adored and spoiled like crazy. Pumpkin has been my constant companion […]

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Losing my mom to breast cancer

Losing My Mother to Breast Cancer

Sitting near the window, on a cold April night, the chill in my mother’s hospital room had me longing for my flannel pajamas. The drive to the hospital from my aunt’s house felt like forever. The lights on the ambulance were on, but not the siren. My aunt and I followed behind it while other […]

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baby Matthais

A Story of Loss:: The Life and Death of Baby Matthias

A mother is impatiently counting down the days until her due date. Her belly protrudes to unbelievable proportions and vigorous kicking keeps her awake at night. Sometimes her husband can feel the kicking on his back as they lay next to each other in bed. A little corner of their room has been lovingly arranged […]

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Aden comforting me after the bad news

When Kids Ask Hard Questions

This past week I suffered a miscarriage.  I was technically 13 weeks pregnant but the baby did not make it past 6 weeks.  My husband and I knew about it about 2 weeks before it happened, however, even time can’t prepare you for the physical and emotional hurt you experience with such a loss.  As […]

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