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Rotating Holidays and Kidless Christmas Eves: Sad Side Effects of Divorce

As a little girl, I remained blissfully unaware of sad childhood realities like rotating holidays between divorced parents. I came from an intact family, and I didn’t get introduced to the concept of divorce until my aunt and uncle split up during my middle school years.  Growing up as an only child in Florida, I remember […]

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Fun 101: How I Became a (Slightly) More Fun Parent

I am not the fun parent. I am the eat-healthy-foods, do-your-homework, clean-up-your-room, go-to-bed-on-time parent. I am responsible, organized, and nurturing. I comply with most of the recommendations provided to me by pediatricians and parenting experts. For example, in my house, the kids rarely exceed two hours of screen time per day, and we often skip […]

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Sonnet 116- Marriage of True Minds by Robert Cheaib

Single Mom’s Guide to Divorce

Dedicated to my friend, as she faces divorce. Dear friend, There is no realization quite like the sinking certainty that your marriage can not continue. The instant when a hard-working, loyal, loving, and vibrant woman like you knows without a flicker of doubt that there is no more trying, no more hoping, no more waiting… […]

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Ode to Single Mothers

Single mothers really do have the hardest job in the world. They are breadwinners for their families, the principle support people for their kids’ every physical and emotional need, they have to fill the role of both parents. They rarely, if ever, get a break. They are on 24/7 whether it is a weekend, weekday, […]

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