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DIY Milk Bottle for Santa

The other day I was in the store browsing through the Christmas decorations when I saw this really cute milk bottle decorated for Santa’s milk. It was so cute but I thought I certainly have enough glass bottles at home, maybe I could make my own version of Santa’s milk bottle! Now in all fairness, […]

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Mad Hatter Tea Party on a Budget!

Sometimes I’m not sure what I spent more time planning, my wedding or my daughters’ birthday parties. Luckily, you can throw a fantastic bash for your kiddo without breaking the bank. Check out this super fun Mad Hatter Tea Party we did for Violet’s second birthday. The Invites When planning a themed party, I always start with the invitation, which […]

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art, clothesline, wall

Art Display Ideas — DIY Clothesline

“Mama, why is my drawing in the garbage?” Violet pouted from behind hurt eyes, her little toddler hand clutched around a scribbled-on piece of ripped-out notebook paper. “Oh, whoops! I’m sure it was an accident,” I stammered, feigning surprise. If you have a kid in preschool, you can probably relate to this story. Sure, that first time you peek […]

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Making Princess Leia Buns for your Halloween Costume: A DIY lesson in playing with your food.

As a youngster I wanted to be Princess Leia from Star Wars. I loved all of her outfits from the white flowy gown to the nipple chafing metal-like bikini she wore in Jabba’s palace. My teenage acne sprinkled face coveted her porcelain flawless skin and her red lips. And those buns! Her amazing brown hair […]

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