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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brought My Family Together

Brazilian jiu-jitsu was my husband’s idea. We brought our son to a local Brazilian jiu-jitsu studio, and he loved it! The instructor was amazing with our son, and it seemed like a great activity, so my husband also decided to go. Then my husband thought I should try it. I said “no way” at first. […]

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30 Day Challenges

It wasn’t until after my first daughter was born 4 years ago that I discovered my affinity for 30 day challenges. It all started when I became frustrated that I wasn’t taking time to do one single thing for myself in any given day. My whole day centered around caring for my infant child, my […]

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Put Down the Waffles: Health Resources You’ll Actually Use

There are a lot of special observances in March. I’m not sure exactly who designates some of these celebrations, but there sure are some I can get behind: International Francophonie Day (macarons!), World Sleep Day (I repeat: SLEEP), Sweden’s Waffle Day (extra Vermont maple syrup, please), National Corndog Day (no joke–there are knights jousting with corndogs on this website). […]

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Weight Loss Lessons

Four months postpartum and I am so ready to shed some pounds and get back to my pre-baby body. This is a tough one, because I gave birth, but was a surrogate, so I don’t have the baby to remind me that I actually just gave birth and my body hasn’t quite “bounced back” yet. For those […]

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You Are a Role Model!

Did you make a resolution to “get fit” in 2015? How has it been going for you? We are a few weeks into the New Year, and typically a few weeks in is when we start to see the women at our gym start to lose a little steam. It happens that we lose steam; […]

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